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Due to the fact that we sometimes have to ship inflatables out for repair, attractions may be subject to change without notice. Because these changes are temporary, we don’t update the website with the replacements.

Mechanical Bull

Test your strength and see how long you can stay on the mechanical bull!

Leaps and Bounds

Be your own Ninja Warrior and try jumping from one inflated ball to another without wiping out.

Football Bounce House

Climb inside this huge football and bounce a little before climbing up the ladder to get to the slide.

22' Dual Slide

Top of slide is 22’ high and since it’s a dual slide, 2 kids/people can ride down at the same time.

Hurricane Simulator

Step inside and get to experience a hurricane at 75 mph winds without the dangers of flying debris or rising tides.

Bungee Trampoline

We have 2 bungee trampolines. You must weigh between 40 & 200 lbs. You can jump or do flips. How high can you jump?

Airborne Adventure

This ride is designed for the younger crowd. Step inside the shuttle, get strapped into our safety parachute and be lifted gently up into the air for a bird’s eye view of the facility. Destined to be one of our most popular rides.

Cannonball Blaster

With Blasters that are powered by air, players can shoot each other with soft foam balls.

95' Obstacle Course

Climb up the small rock wall, slide down and go through obstacles to get to the other side.

Wrecking Ball

For 2-4 players. stand on your pad and push the wrecking ball back and forth to knock over your opponent.


Based on NASA's Astronaut Gyroscope trainer. Now everyone can experience the roll and tumble of outer space.

Jungle Adventure

This combo inflatable has a bouncing area with an attached slide.

Pirate Ship

For children 5 and under. Ahoy Matey! Set sail on the pirate ship and pretend to shoot the canons after you slide down the slide.

Jungle Playland

For ages 2 and under. Go down the slide and then climb on the jungle animals.

Sports Complex

Can be used for volleyball, jousting, basketball and soccer (currently being used for basketball and soccer)!

Backyard Club

A club just for kids! The backyard club is a fun place for younger children to play.

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